May 13, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Sam Chatterjee Appointed Associate Editor for Frontiers in Water

PNNL data scientist to support the journal’s specialty section, “Water and the Built Environment”

portrait of Sam Chatterjee

Sam Chatterjee, a senior operations research scientist at PNNL, was recently appointed as associate editor for the specialty section, “Water and the Built Environment at the peer-reviewed, open access journal Frontiers in Water.

This section of the journal develops articles that enhance understanding of compound natural hazards and targeted failures that impact the design, maintenance, and operations of water infrastructure systems, as well as interdependencies among water, energy, transport, and communication infrastructure networks. This information is critical for infrastructure system stakeholders responsible for ensuring safe, secure, and reliable operations.

Chatterjee is looking forward to focusing on infrastructure system resilience topics with computing and analytics emphasis across the data-to-decisions spectrum. He also plans to lead an article collection on managing natural and targeted risks to critical cyber and physical infrastructure systems. As a civil and transportation infrastructure systems engineer and operations research scientist by training, Chatterjee develops probabilistic, statistical, optimization, simulation, and network science-based methods at PNNL to model risks to infrastructure systems. He also leads the artificial intelligence systems research thrust within PNNL’s multi-year Mathematics for Artificial Reasoning in Science research initiative. He is the current vice-chair of the security and defense specialty group of the Society for Risk Analysis and holds an affiliate faculty appointment with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Northeastern University-Boston.  

PNNL data scientist Andre Coleman, who specializes in applying geospatial sciences to environmental and hydrologic research, is also an associate editor for this section.