March 2, 2021
Staff Accomplishment

PNNL Staff Recognized With Secretary’s Honor Awards

Vital contribution to DOE missions

2021 DOE Secretary Awards

DOE recognized 58 PNNL staff for their contributions to DOE's mission and the nation.

(Image by Shannon Colson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Earlier this year, 58 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) staff members were recognized as members of enterprise-wide teams that helped address challenges in national health and security through transformative science and technology solutions. On January 20, former U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Dan Brouillette presented the Secretary’s Honor Awards to 24 teams of federal and contractor staff members who excelled in supporting the DOE mission. This award is one of the highest honors an employee or contractor can receive. PNNL staff were members of seven of the award-winning teams. The award-winning projects and the PNNL members are listed below. Congratulations!

The National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory Team harnessed and mobilized the formidable scientific facility and research capabilities of the DOE national laboratories to meet the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Douglas Mans
  • Katrina Waters
  • Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson

The Green Border Security Initiative Team detected, disrupted, and investigated acts of nuclear and radioactive smuggling near uncontrolled borders.

  • David Linville

The Source Physics Experiment (SPE), Phase II, Dry Alluvium Geology (DAG) Team increased the nation’s ability to detect nuclear tests by conducting a well-designed and extensively instrumented series of large chemical explosions.

  • Jonathan L. Burnett
  • James Ely
  • Tim Stewart
  • Harry S. Miley

The Spent Fuel Nondestructive Assay (NDA) Project Team improved the understanding of neutron and gamma measurement approaches to characterize properties of spent fuel for nuclear safeguards purposes.

  • Kevin Anderson
  • Luke Campbell
  • Andy Casella
  • Chris Gesh
  • Jonathan Kulisek
  • Eric Smith

The Science and Technology Risk Matrix Team increased protections against malign access to the national laboratories and developed and implemented the Science and Technology Risk Matrix.

  • Malin Young

The Seattle Response and Recovery and Cs-137 Joint Investigation Teams responded to a radiological emergency at the Harborview Research and Training facility in Seattle, removed the breached radioactive source, led the way for facility remediation efforts, and minimized harm or negative impacts to the public.

  • Kristen Astor
  • Mark Bayless
  • Jake Bohlke
  • Jason Cartwright
  • Eric Hanson
  • Olympia Hunt
  • Warnick Kernan
  • Blake Kluse
  • Greg Koller
  • Stephen Moritz
  • Robert Orton
  • Richard Pierson
  • Nate Russo
  • Rob Sitsler
  • Michael Smith
  • Franciska Steen
  • John Stephens
  • Kevin Whattam
  • Rob Winslow

The DOE National Laboratories’ COVID-19 Clinical Testing Teams provided testing to keep the workforce safe, allow for safe resumption of work, and help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Deanna Auberry
  • Ken Auberry
  • MaryJo Boyus
  • Bethany Carver
  • Eric Damberg
  • Robert Diaz
  • Heather Engelmann
  • Amy Eslinger
  • Janine Hutchison
  • Sarah Jenson
  • Kathleen Lawrence
  • Donald Lewis
  • Angela Melville
  • Matthew Monroe
  • Belle O’Bryon
  • Kristin Omberg
  • Kristie Oxford
  • Nancy Richmond
  • Emily Schinnell
  • Kandice Schultz
  • Kelly Stratton
  • Allison Thompson
  • Kristin Victry
  • Daniel Warren