April 22, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Liss Joins North American Journal of Fisheries Management Editorial Board

Will be among the world’s best fish researchers

Staff portrait of Stephanie Liss

Stephanie Liss

Stephanie Liss, a PNNL research scientist, has been appointed to the North American Journal of Fisheries Management as an associate editor.

The journal promotes practical management tools and techniques for fishery managers to improve species conservation in marine and freshwater environments.

Liss joins the editorial staff of highly regarded fish researchers from around the world. She is applying her expertise in radio and acoustic telemetry technologies to reviewing manuscripts slated for journal publication. Manuscripts include reviews, essays or reports on new techniques, policy changes or management assessments.  Her role includes finding independent reviewers to provide additional assessments of the manuscripts and to verify that they are unbiased.

Liss anticipates that the editorial position will allow her to stay at the forefront of breakthrough studies in her field and with different fish species.

“It will keep me up to date on new scientific literature,” Liss said.  “I hope it will help make me a better writer as well.”

Her appointment is two years but can be renewed. David Geist, PNNL’s technical group manager for the Ecology Group, serves as an editor for the journal and recommended Liss for the appointment.

“I felt very honored that Dave suggested my name,” Liss said.  “I am excited to be in this role and look forward to the challenges that will come with it.”

Published: April 22, 2019