November 19, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Garavelli Joins Marine and Coastal Fisheries Journal

Role uses her knowledge in biological oceanography

Image of Lysel Garavelli

Lysel Garavelli has been named an associate editor for the Marine and Coastal Fisheries Journal.

Credit: Andrea Starr/PNNL

Lysel Garavelli, a PNNL research scientist, was recently selected to be an associate editor for the Marine and Coastal Fisheries Journal.

The journal, operated by the American Fisheries Society, publishes research on marine, coastal, and estuarine fisheries studies.

Garavelli’s role will include selecting reviewers, collecting feedback on manuscripts, summarizing comments, and sending decisions to the editor-in-chief.

She will apply her research background using modeling tools to investigate the dynamics of marine populations and to understand how those dynamics relate to management and conservation. 

Garavelli brings her passion for oceanography and research to the associate editor position. Her love for the ocean developed as a teenager.

“I realized I wanted to learn more about the ocean the first time I went scuba diving when I was 14 years old,” Garavelli said. “It was beautiful and quiet and I just wanted to know everything about it. I quickly understood that I wanted this to be my future job without really knowing how to reach this goal. I am now a scientist who works on how to improve the ocean ecosystems and it is very rewarding.”

Garavelli believes that her position will build her knowledge in fisheries research, allow her to interact with other experts in the field, and develop her skills in the reviewing and editorial process.

David Geist, PNNL’s technical group manager for the Ecology group, encouraged Garavelli to become an editor.

“Dr. Garavelli’s expertise in biological oceanography and the use of modeling techniques to assess fish distribution in freshwater and marine environments is directly related to the journal’s mission,” Geist said. “Her appointment to the editorial board is a testament to PNNL’s expertise in applied fisheries science that is recognized broadly in the U.S. and beyond.”    

Published: November 19, 2019