May 15, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Forecasting Book Features Voisin As An Editor

Represents internationally recognized expertise

Portrait of Nathalie Voisin

Nathalie Voisin, a water resources engineer, served as a section editor for a newly published book on hydrometeorological forecasting. Voisin’s expertise on forecasting verification was used to oversee a chapter in the Handbook of Hydrometeorological Ensemble Forecasting. 

Her editorial role included inviting authors, managing and assigning technical material, and coordinating with other section editors. The handbook includes discussion of forecasting approaches, including applications, management practices and communication. It represents a year and a half of production and includes two volumes with more than 1,500 pages and 192 contributors. The book is the most extensive hydro-meteorological ensemble forecasting reference to date.

Voisin worked with an editorial staff of international lead researchers on hydrometeorological forecasting.  

“It was definitely an achievement in being invited and being invited on that level,” said Voisin. “It is a recognition of the broad knowledge of the discipline.”

Published: May 15, 2019