June 25, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Coming Soon: Homeland Security Risk Analysis Book

Two PNNL staff serve as lead editors and 10 staff contribute to book chapters

Risk Analysis Book Cover

Applied Risk Analysis for Guiding Homeland Security Policy and Decisions is now available to order.

For the past several years Sam Chatterjee, PNNL data scientist and lead editor, has worked hard to make a book about homeland security risk analysis a reality. And in August, his perseverance will pay off.

“This book being published speaks to the tenacity of Sam,” said Robert Brigantic, co-lead editor and data scientist, with a laugh. “The amount of effort that he put in to be able to stick with it for so long and see the book through to the end is something special. It speaks volumes about his work ethic.”

The process of defining the research themes, identifying and selecting contributors, developing original content, and reviewing submitted chapters was a four-year effort.

In the end, Applied Risk Analysis for Guiding Homeland Security Policy and Decisions, is more than 500 pages and features contributions from 49 authors from national laboratories, academia, and industry, including 10 (current and former) PNNL researchers.

“We were very grateful that we had an excellent group of authors who are motivated by the challenges faced today in homeland security policy and decision making,” said Chatterjee.

The book, which is part of the Wiley Series in Operations Research and Management Science, provides a clear connection between risk science and homeland security policy making. It includes state-of-the-art mathematical and computing approaches that inform policy development and decision support. It presents readers with advances in topics ranging from radiological and nuclear risk assessment, national security risk and policy analysis, cybersecurity risk analysis, strengthening ports of entry, rapid containment systems modeling, disaster preparedness, and resilience of critical infrastructures.

“We really hope this book can be a resource for homeland security policy analysts, risk analysts, and policymakers where they are able to get an overview of the state of the current application of the risk analysis methods space,” said Chatterjee. “And hopefully that will spark research and even contribute towards policy, decision-making, and foster further research.”

The book will be released on August 25 and is now available to pre-order.

Published: June 25, 2020